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October 17, 2009

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Before anyone mentions it, yes, I know it should be fruitfulness but, with all due respect to Keats, I didn't have room for the fulness so it will just have to be the season of fruit, ok!  It's more or less the same thing anyway and he can still be the close bosomed friend of the maturing sun!  By him I mean Arcimboldo's "Autumn" who is the star of this second tag-that-is-not-a-tag

Not much to this one really.  The background is mainly covered up but is some colourwash spray and glimmermist in butterscotch and raisin.  After the image and the lettering was stuck on I shimmered it up a bit with some autumn rose gilding flakes around the edge.  I love playing with the gilding flakes and one day I might even learn how to use them properly!! LOL
Off now to make a 2010 calendar for the fridge! 


Carmen said...

They're so effective already with how you DO use them ;) More excuse to continue expermenting though eh?

Love the colours of this - so perfect for autumn.

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oooo this is gorgeous -well done :D
If this is what you can achieve whern you don't know what your doing - the skys the limit!!!
J xx

Carmen said...

Ohhhhhh! Harpers Island tonight! Ohhhhhh! Did you watch??

Carmen said...

Are you online at work? Naughty, naughty!

See now I got myself muddled up last week and all along I've been thinking it was Jimmy - I was getting him muddled up with Henry. I was getting more and more smug till the first one last night. I said to Craig - they are making it to obvious it's him now, can't believe I fell for the red herring! Can't believe Henry killed Trish! I thought they would do the Dallas thing too - did enjoy it :D

Wondering if there will be another one where they called it season 1 but can't see how. What am I going to watch on a sunday now eh?