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October 28, 2010

It's been a while...

...since I did anything with my art journal.  Actually it's been a while since I made a blog post!  Work has been a bit manic and I have been too tired to do much of anything.  Last weekend I found this amazing free course by the wonderful Tam over on the Willowing ning network, so this is what I have been doing

I am finding the class very cathartic and healing so far.  Maybe that's because I am in the right place for it right now, or maybe it's because it is just a very good class.

Anyway, I like her.  She is meant to represent me, but I still like her anyway, lol.  (what is wrong with Mr Blogger today? It has taken me forever to upload this pic!)

On Saturday I am off to play making Christmas cards with the fearless leader of the WOYWWers,  Julia which is going to be so much fun!  I'm not really a card maker so I am hoping to pick up lots of tips and tricks and have a great time.  I will report back on Sunday!

Happy Friday for tomorrow everyone.

October 13, 2010

WOYWW 13th October

It's Wednesday, which means it's time to hop on over to Julia's Blog, link in and join the fun.
I have to apologise, last Wednesday a work colleague was taken ill and I had to accompany him to the hospital and wait for his wife to show up and take over, so I didn't get around many desks, and those I did I was very late commenting on.
Anyway, since last Wednesday I have continued to work on my display box and here is the progress so far. I carried on spraying shimmer mists and blending on inks until I was happy with the result, then I started on the backgrounds for the niches.  Most of the smaller 2" squares have papers from the Vintage Shabby paper stack, some stamped and others left nekkid.  The larger niches I just inked and stamped plain white cardstock.  I've been adding bits and pieces from my ephemera stash gradually.  The blue taxi is stolen from one of DDs board games.  I was after a silver car from a monopoly set but they didn't have one :(  So I purloined a blue plastic taxi and spruced it up a bit with blue Inca Gold.  The rock with the frog on it in the top left niche is something the kids brought me when they went on a school trip to the Natural History Museum years ago.  The little figures in the bottom left niche were my gran's.  I think they are lead!   The Paper Artsy button badge was given to me at by l!n Brown at Ally Pally.  The rest is just general stuff I had in my stash that I have either purchased or found over time.
I still have a few bits to add and a couple of things to finish off, then it will be time to concentrate on the outside.  It might be finished next Wednesday for a final show and tell :)
Happy Wednesday everyone, looking forward to visiting your desks!

October 06, 2010

WOYWW 6th October

Hello all you WOYWWers - and for those who aren't or who don't know what it is check out Julia's Blog and link yourself in.  It's fun to nose around everyone's workspace and get inspired.

Anywhoo, what is on my workdesk...... lots of stuff!  I'm working on this display box thingy that has sat nekkid and neglected for well over a year - probably nearer two!!  I've given it a coat of gesso (sorry Doone, I had to do it!) and now I'm layering up some grungy inkyness (which is why all the distress inks are scattered around).  The flash has bleached a lot of it out, but there is some colour going on there.  Various shades of grunge (scattered straw, antique linen, brushed corduroy, weathered wood) and a few shimmer mists and various mini-mister concoctions of mica, ink and water.  I'm just spraying, dabbing, wiping and splodging different things and building up the layers so it looks suitably old and grungy and lovely.  Once I feel it's ready I'll start putting some backgrounds in the different niches and some bits of ephemera and various stuff.  There's a pile of stuff I've earmarked for this project just to the right of the desk. 
Oh, you can see I've been playing with my Tim Holtz tattered leaves as well :)
Happy Wednesday everyone.

October 03, 2010

Page 12 of 12

I've finished the final page of my postage stamp/tag book and put it all together with some bits.  Here is page 12 which, to be honest, has sat around for a week.  I used a Crafters Workshop template and antique gold ferro all over the shape, then, when the ferro was dry, spritzed it with some gold and copper cosmic shimmer mists.  I smeared some Inca Gold in Old Gold and Green/yellow on the leaf parts, and then I looked at it for a week wondering what to do with it next before deciding it was fine as it was!  I cut a couple of Tattered Leaves from the Tim Holtz Alteration die and inked and sprayed them to look suitably autumnal, then added some shrink plastic charms and a bead I found that had the right colouring to match in.

Here it is from the front with all the pages fanned out.

And here it is from the back.

It's been fun.... I've got loads of old CDs I might make into a book with the BIA next!

October 02, 2010

Boxing Day

Hi everyone. I've been MIA for most of the week. Busy week at work and a conference to attend.  Anyway, some of you WOYWW may recall a couple of gessoed boxes from a couple of weeks ago.  Well this is how they have turned out.  I am going to put some little things in them for DDs for Christmas.... yes, I used the 'C' word!
This one is for DD2 and had a coat of Transparent Red Oxide acrylic paint over it before having some decopatch paper stuck over the outside and a few images from the same paper on the inside. I then gave the whole thing another watery coat of the Transparent red oxide then did the Krylon pen thing around the edges and the Inca Gold around the lid.

I really love this japanese paper!  Anyway, a coat of glossy decopatch glue (a bit like mod podge or gel medium) and we were done.

The second one for DD1 was done the same way, except the Tranparent Red Oxide looked a bit orange next to the pink so I went over it with Mushroom, and I used some Viva Precious Metal pink instead of the gold krylon.

I'm quite pleased with how they have turned out :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend (despite the horrible weather).  Anyone been to the Artisan show?  Wish it was a bit nearer to me so I could go, mind you, after the massive spend at Ally Pally it's probably best!