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June 25, 2011

I'm still alive !

Bet you wondered about that! I haven't had any time, energy or mojo lately which is why I have been MIA. 

My curiousity was piqued by all the smash book talk and then I found this in Paperchase:

The pages inside are lined, plain and graph paper plus these little beauties:

A clear plastic 4 pocket divider

A clear plastic single large pocket

This is quite a useful card pocket

 and a lovely zipped pocket!

My idea was to open the wire binding, take out all the pages, make some of my own pages with PP etc, decorate the covers, then put it  back together again.  So far I have deconstructed it and decorated the front cover

I had some old world map wrapping paper so I stuck that to the inside with glossy accents so it showed through to the front.   The atlas cover was from my stash and I fixed that to the outside of the cover.

Inside the front cover I painted the back of the map with some Honey Dew fresco finishes (love that paint), stamped some Artistic Stamper travel stamps over it then went to town with travel themed bits and bobs from my stash.

Once I've got around to sorting out what I'm using for my inside pages and puting it all back together it will be a travel journal (just in case you hadn't guessed!)

I found these fabby things in Muji:

I love the little hand paper clippy things, and the pen holder will be useful.

Anyway, at least I seem to have got my mojo back.  All I need ow is a  bit more time to get it all done!