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June 30, 2010


What's on my workdesk this Wednesday?  A mess!!  It's too hot to do much of anything, so I've just been fiddling around with a bit of this and a bit of that.  The little box thing once contained tiny embellishments (christmas light charms I think).  I only bought them so I could alter the box, LOL.  Anyway, I've given it a coat of gesso then a coat of Traditional Tan (yes, I caught the bug from Hels ).  Now it's sitting there waiting for me to decide my next move, but my mojo has melted in the heat :( 
Yes, you do see a roll of toilet paper on my desk.  I ran out of kitchen roll, ok!
Try not to look too hard at the mess under the desk.  It's mainly bits of half used 12 x 12 in a wierd sort of magazine rack that doesn't hold stuff upright (I got it cheap, I wonder why?!!)  There is an empty pringles tube under there waiting for a flash of inspiration to strike.  There must be something wonderful to be made with these things, I just can't think what right now.
Speaking of waiting for inspiration, here is a close up of the spoons.  I'm waiting for Jennie to alter hers so I can copy her brilliant idea :)
Right, I am writing this post on Tuesday night and scheduling it to appear on Wednesday morning.  I'm off to a meeting in Somerset bright and early and I won't be back until the evening.  Hopefully some kind soul will link me in (pretty please) over at our fearless leader's blog.  For those of you who haven't joined in the fun and madness of WOYWW yet, check out the amazing Mrs Dunnit's Blog to see what we are all on about.

Happy Wednesday WOYWWers x

June 27, 2010

Diddly doodle day

It is too hot to do much of anything, especially as my craft area is in one of the hottest parts of the house!  So, to take my mind off the abysmal performance of the England team in South Africa I had a go at a zendoodle, or maybe just a plain doodle (not sure what the difference is).
I picked a page in my art journal which already had a background of inky messy grungyness on it and started doodling.  Not really happy with it, and I found it hard going to fill in the whole page.  Usually if I am doodling on a page it's just in the margin or something.  It felt odd trying to cover a large area with just doodles (which is why I made the big flower in the middle, but then that made it a bit difficult to make sections around the edge).  Still, it was something to do that didn't involve mess so I could find a cooler spot than my craft desk to work in.  Notice I said cooler, not cool.  Nowhere is cool right at this moment!

June 19, 2010

A Tale of Two Twitties

 I had a couple of these little wooden birdies in my stash and decided to finally get around to altering them.  I started off earlier in the week giving them a coat of gesso, then I set to blending various shades of blue acrylic paints on them.  I was toying with the idea of giving them a night sky look with a dark blue blended background and lots of sparkly stars all over.  I got bored with that idea before I finished the blended background LOL.

So, there they sat on my craft desk all blue and boring and stuff, waiting for me to finish them off.  Today I decided to set to and started by stencilling a flower pattern over the first one with some blue and green Viva decor paints (excuse the crap photos, not sure what is wrong with me today!

Anyway, I stencilled the bird both sides then went around the edge with a gold Krylon pen ( covered the wooden bead with the Krylon pen as well) Then I smooshed some Rock Candy distress stickles over the whole thing.  I coloured a Maya Road chandelier bead with pink alcohol ink and attached that to the ring at the bottom with some gold thread.  I finished it off with a pink bow and gave it crystal stick on gem eyes.
I decided to go more grunge for the other one. I found some stiff sort of calico lineny guazey stuff in my stash (who knows where I get this stuff, I must go shopping when drunk or something!) and stuck that all over birdie.  Then I went mad with my cosmic shimmer mists.  I think I used all of them (except the one with the bunged up spray).  I used the same mists on some bits of lace and then stuck those on top of the wings.  I only attached them at the bottom part of the wing so they give some dimension.  I used more stick on crystal gems for eyes, Krylon pen on the wooden bead then tied some glittery hairy stuff on the ring at the bottom (no, I haven't been glimmer misting the cat..... although... that might be kinda interesting.... but I digress, it was some wool stuff - again, no idea where it came from). 
I decorated both sides of each of them, and they are slightly different on each side (mainly because I can never replicate anything exactly!) so here are their other profile shots:

This month over at alter it monthly the theme is Birds of a Feather, so these will be my entry.

June 16, 2010

WOYWW and......

...it's my birthday!
*51 today! 51 today! I've got the key to the care home door, never been 51 before!*
So here on my desk is... Stash, glorious Stash!  My DD's got me a selection of stash from my wishlist (t!m's Artful Flight stamps and the tattered florals, 3 stampotique stamps, morphic bugs) plus they got me this gorgeous bird cage!  Isn't it fab?!! The possibilities are endless!  (sorry, I seem to have a bad case of excessive exclamations this morning... it's my age lol).  They also got me the fabulous Josephine Wall art book which has really lush piccies of loads of her artwork in it.  If you haven't seen her stuff, take a look around her website here
Anyway, an apology is due from me as I didn't make it around many desks last week.  Really sorry to everyone I missed, but work was really rough last week and I just couldn't find the time or the energy to blog hop.  Promise I will try harder this week!
Anyone who wants to join in the WOYWW fun, hop over to our fearless leader, Julia's, blog and follow the links to all the interesting, messy, tidy, arty, amazing desks and workspaces.
Happy Wednesday everyone.

June 09, 2010


For a change (and because I didn't have time to take a photo at home this week) I have decided to show you my work workdesk this Wednesday.  As you can see, I am up to my eyes in a spreadsheet (mainly because an idiot was left in charge of a database and chaos has ensued!).  This is my view of the world for the majority of my working day (which is too long!).  Yes, I have a cup of tea, and the little bottle at the bottom left of my monitor is not, in fact, Elemis shampoo.  It is some handwash which I take with me when I am on site because some of the antibacterial handwashes aggravate my excema (or however you spell it)
This is the view into the rest of the office (most of the healthy looking plants are artificial, the dead looking ones are the real ones!).

This is the view other people have of my desk when they come to bother me!! 

Here is a close-up of the monkey guard who sits on my printer and prevents other people from using all my ink!

For those of you who think I am completely mad - you are absolutely right.  However, if you are thinking I am mad because you don't know about WOYWW, then hop on over to Julia's Blog and find out all about it.  Maybe join in the fun too, the more the merrier!.

I will try to visit some desks now, but I really should be untangling this stupid database, so I will probably have to visit most of you later this evening.  Happy Wednesday!

June 02, 2010

WOYWW is one year old!

Congratulations to Julia for starting this and working so hard to keep it going.  It's become a phenomenon a very big thing!  For those who haven't heard about the mega huge WOYWW movement, hop over to this post on Julia's blog where it is all explained.  So, on with the motley... here is my anniversary piece (on my very messy desk)
Ta-da! I have finally altered my bean tin (actually a tomato tin).  Regular WOYWWers may recall seeing the poor nekkid tin holding some of my pens, pencils and assorted things that would fit in it, sitting on my desk awaiting adornment.  Well, I thought it would be a fitting anniversary tribute to finally decorate the poor neglected thing.  Of course, this meant my desk got even messier as I had to empty it out, and then I was working until late last night to finish it so stuff is strewn all over the desk (whaddya mean "what's different"?!)

I covered it in grungepaper that I had inked with Wild Honey and Peeled Paint DI then stamped with Paper Artsy Hot Pick stamps (purchased at the Artsy Crafts event... I lurve those stamps) in archival Olive, Coffee and jet black inks to give some depth.  I added a few extra little birds from Crafty Individuals.  I then made some holes with the BIA and laced it on with some hairy, dangly thread stuff I had laying around. (oh, I painted the tin with a Willow paint dabber first).
And here is the money shot.  The famous acronym stamped across the top.
My pens and stuff can now sit proudly in their new, suitably adorned tin.
OK, I'm on leave this week so I can hopefully visit more desks this week.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on this special date!

June 01, 2010

Blog Candy Alert!

Leandra has some great candy up for grabs over at the Paper Artsy blog.  You can all go and look, but no entering now because it's MINE!!!! lol.
Amazingly enough, I just got selected for the e-voucher for Happy Daze over on the Alter it Monthly challenge for my entry for May, so I guess I won't get lucky twice :(
Best of all though, my metal wall hanging got selected for the sampler over there!! That really has got me happy dancing :)
Anyway, no pics to show today... I have a WOYWW anniversary thingy to make by tomorrow!!!