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February 27, 2011

Pay it Forward update

So, off I went to the post office yesterday with my neatly wrapped parcels (ok, not exactly "neatly" wrapped, but what I lack in wrapping skills I make up for with bubble wrap and packing tape!).  They are now all on their merry way to their new owners but...... being a bear of very little brain, I wrapped them without putting any notes in with them.  Just so you can all identify these mystry parcels I thought it best to show what I sent:

This is on it's way to Tammy . It's my first adventure in wax collage!

This one is on it's way to Anne/Liverpool Lou and was inspired by the paper blending article in the March issue of Craft Stamper, with a bit of influence from Gustav Klimt.

This little lady is making her way to Amy .

This paperartsy/artsy crafts inspired hanging is on it's way to Louise/Zuzu

And finally, this is on it's way to Carmen

February 20, 2011

Domino (sort of)

Look what I made!
It's a domino pendant (only I couldn't find my domino so I used a bit of something that I found in my stash that is about the length of a domino but only half the width and just about 1mm thick)
If you want to know how I made it then you will have to find out the same way I did, by signing up for Zuzu's workshop here .  I love her style and now she is running these workshops at an incredible price so I snapped up the offer!  Officially they don't start until March 1st but Louise has got the first lesson out already.

On a different subject, I have made all my Pay It Forwards, and I am planning to get them all packed up ready for posting this weekend.  I have the day off on Wednesday so I can hopefully get to the post office then and get them all sent off. 

February 12, 2011

Paying it Forward update

So, I've been busy the past couple of weeks with work and stuff, and all my spare time has been put into making my 5 handmade items for Pay it Forward . It's been fun, but also a bit nerve wracking!  I didn't expect anyone to want any of my stuff, let alone 5 people! 

I have tried out some new techniques and worked outside of my comfort zone and generally tried to make things I hope the recipients will enjoy.  All five pieces are now made and ready to be packed up and sent on their way.  Here are a few sneak peeks:

I've waxed (yes, the melt pot finally got used!), embossed, die-cut, painted and textured away like crazy and I am fairly happy with the end results.

 Anyway, I will be packing up my handiwork and sending them off to their new homes during the coming week, and I hope you are all happy with them.