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March 28, 2010

Egged on for easter

Pardon the pun!  I've always thought easter eggs were a bit of a rip-off, but when the children were little I always got them one.  Now they are older I have tended to buy them a box of chocs instead. Well, this year I have been seeing in the shops a lot of egg shaped boxes with a few mini sweets inside tied up with a ribbon and I thought "I could make those".  So, yesterday I gave it a go...... I don't think I'll bother again, LOL!  It was a bit of a feat of engineering, the two bits don't fit together too well, and I.m sure with a bit more time I could have made a bit of a better job of the "hinge" part.  Unfortunately, I'm off to Bournemouth with work tomorrow and won't be back until late on Wednesday which didn't give me a huge amount of time.  Anyway, here they are, one each for my DD's still to be filled with chocs
I cut four egg shapes out of heavy duty cardboard then cut a section from each in a zig-zag to look like a cracked egg.  I then cut strips of cereal box card (yep, using the cereal packets again!) to wrap around the egg shapes as the sides.  I stuck the egg shapes to the sides with red line tape then stuck patterned paper all over both parts.   I left a bit extra on the side strips to use later to stick the two halves together.  Coated the whole lot with decopatch glue - which is sort of like mod podge only easier for me to get hold of as there is a shop that sells it right round the corner from my office.  I made some big, grungy flowers with large nestie blossom shapes cut from the same PP then scrunched up, sprayed with cosmic shimmer mists and edged with brown chalk inks  Used some odds and ends of prima flowers in the centres and fixed these on to the eggs with brads.  Made a couple of holes in the sides with a crop-a-dile, stuck the two halves together with the extra bit of side strip and threaded ribbon through the crop-a-dile holes.
They look very "rustic" LOL.  I think maybe I should have used a continuous strip for the sides and stuck them together in one go, but I didn't think of that at the time... plus I think the cereal packet wasn't tall enough.  Anyway, I'm sure once they are filled with chocolates nobody will care!

March 24, 2010


... or rather, what isn't.  Prepare to be amazed......
tidy desk!!!!!  I'm obviously very, very unwell!   Don't worry, it won't last, lol.
I am actually typing this post on Tuesday night and will now attempt to schedule this to appear on Wednesday morning, then try to find time to log on at work and link in on our fearless leaders blog!  Next week I shall be missing as I will be in Bournemouth at a trade show on Wednesday, although I will be back home in the evening so will try and visit everyone.

March 21, 2010

I made a card!

This is the first time I've ever made a card I am pleased with!  I hardly ever make cards as I am really, really bad at it.  Anyway, after seeing all the gorgeous cards Helen makes I was inspired to try again as it's my DD's birthday coming up soon.
The background is from a Crafty Individuals backgrounds book and has lots of lovely grungy colours in it.  I smooshed some brilliance inks onto my craft sheet, spritzed them with water then dipped a chipboard word and some grungepaper into the wet inks.  I stamped a Studio 490 butterfly onto the grunge and cut them out, used some gems for the bodies then stuck them on around a Prima flower.  I covered a K&Co "thinking of you on your birthday" ticket with rock candy crackle paint then swiped some cosmic shimmer mists over it when it was dry.  I used rock candy stickles on the word, and coloured a crown (she is my princess, lol) with a gold krylon pen and then put some antique linen stickles over the top of that.  It's all very sparkly and I like how it looks.

March 17, 2010


Mackenzie is on my workdesk this Wednesday!  Actually it was Monday, but it was too good a photo to miss.  Not much else has gone on on my desk this week anyway, so you might at well look at Mackie, lol. I'll pop round and visit everyone later when I get in from work.
Happy WOYWW everyone.

March 14, 2010

Random Canvas

Happy Mother's Day to all UK mums.  My two DD's have been spoiling me this morning and got me a lovely box of Lindt Petit Desserts.. yummy!
I've had a small canvas sitting around for ages with just a first background layer done on it.  Actually it featured in a WOYWW back in February.  It had some gesso and a couple of layers of acrylic paint plus a bit of text stamping and sequin waste inking on it.
So this poor neglected canvas has been hanging around waiting to be completed but my mojo just wasn't feeling it, until yesterday.  Inspired by Hels mini canvas in the February issue of Craft Stamper I decided to mess around with some Terra background techniques.  One small problem.... no Terra! Eeek!  Not to be put off, I dug out a jar of Golden Moulding Paste and mixed some with Raw Sienna acrylic paint and used that instead.  I slapped that on about half the canvas then used some Iron Ferro on the other half just for fun.  Stamped into it all with a damp text stamp then sprayed a some cosmic shimmer mists in golden fish and peacock green.  Using the heatgun between layers made even more texture in the background as the fake Terra bubbled up just like Hels had said the real thing did.
The colour of the original paint plus the two shimmer mists made a lovely green colour similar to Peeled Paint DI so I inked that on to some grungepaper and stamped on a couple of Studio 490 butterflies and used some seed beads for the bodies.  The chipboard shape is actually cut out of a cereal packet which I then inked with Dusty Concord, stamped a Studio 490 background in Coffee archival ink then another Studio 490 fern in Aged Mahogany then a dusting of Perfect Pearls to give some shine.  The word is, of course, a t!m stamp.  I used Olive archival ink for that, stuck on the butterflies then used some of t!m's foliage in one of the other corners.  I used the blossom nesties in my bug to cut some text paper and tissue paper.  I inked them up with some Peeled Paint DI then sprayed them with some Golden fish and Peacock Green and fixed the smaller one with a long fastener and the other one I used a white prima flower sprayed with Peacock Green and a prima gem in the middle.  I then dug through my treasure box of broken earrings, pendants and anything shiny and fixed these onto magic mesh to look sort of like a fishing net type of thing.  A few more prima gems and flat back pearls to add some random bling and I decided I was done.
Wierdly enough, the Sunday Stampers Challenge over on Hels blog is Bits & Pieces, and this is definitely that, so I guess I am entering this week, LOL.

March 10, 2010


Just a quick post as I am meant to be busy working!!  In fact, I am... busy that is.  Anyway, here is a peek at my desk taken just before I dashed out the door this morning. 
Luckily I had some pics on my camera for work so I have an excuse to be downloading stuff at my office work desk (where I do boring real work instead of fun craft work).  Maybe I should post a pic of this desk next week!
Please note it is a bit tidier than usual (just a bit).  The dish is one I made at an Artsy Crafts weekend in March last year and the empty bean (actually tomato) tin is waiting to be "Linda E'd" but couldn't wait for pens as they were spread all over the place. 
Happy WOYWW everyone.

March 07, 2010

Page 9 and 10

Lots of fairly hard personal stuff been going on this week so I haven't had much time to blog.  I have managed to get two more pages from my not-a-tag book done.

This is page 9.  I used one of Sir t!m's masks on the background as well as a Wendy Vecchi background stamp.  The little boy is also from Sir t!m and I have used some distress stickles on his hat and wings.  The bird and the feather were some die cuts I had hanging around and they seemed to fit so they went on.  I went around everything with a black sharpie because I thought it all needed a bit more definition.

This is page 10.  I used Rock Candy crackle paint on the figure and crystal stickles on the umbrella.  Not sure what this is trying to say but it seemed to want to look like this so I just went along with it.