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March 28, 2010

Egged on for easter

Pardon the pun!  I've always thought easter eggs were a bit of a rip-off, but when the children were little I always got them one.  Now they are older I have tended to buy them a box of chocs instead. Well, this year I have been seeing in the shops a lot of egg shaped boxes with a few mini sweets inside tied up with a ribbon and I thought "I could make those".  So, yesterday I gave it a go...... I don't think I'll bother again, LOL!  It was a bit of a feat of engineering, the two bits don't fit together too well, and I.m sure with a bit more time I could have made a bit of a better job of the "hinge" part.  Unfortunately, I'm off to Bournemouth with work tomorrow and won't be back until late on Wednesday which didn't give me a huge amount of time.  Anyway, here they are, one each for my DD's still to be filled with chocs
I cut four egg shapes out of heavy duty cardboard then cut a section from each in a zig-zag to look like a cracked egg.  I then cut strips of cereal box card (yep, using the cereal packets again!) to wrap around the egg shapes as the sides.  I stuck the egg shapes to the sides with red line tape then stuck patterned paper all over both parts.   I left a bit extra on the side strips to use later to stick the two halves together.  Coated the whole lot with decopatch glue - which is sort of like mod podge only easier for me to get hold of as there is a shop that sells it right round the corner from my office.  I made some big, grungy flowers with large nestie blossom shapes cut from the same PP then scrunched up, sprayed with cosmic shimmer mists and edged with brown chalk inks  Used some odds and ends of prima flowers in the centres and fixed these on to the eggs with brads.  Made a couple of holes in the sides with a crop-a-dile, stuck the two halves together with the extra bit of side strip and threaded ribbon through the crop-a-dile holes.
They look very "rustic" LOL.  I think maybe I should have used a continuous strip for the sides and stuck them together in one go, but I didn't think of that at the time... plus I think the cereal packet wasn't tall enough.  Anyway, I'm sure once they are filled with chocolates nobody will care!


Helen said...

Kay, well done for perseverance! Lucky T Shirt is lucky again today!!

Sandra said...

I'm so impressed, they look fab.