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July 15, 2012

Tagging along

I'm quite impressed with myself managing to make stuff three weeks in a row and blogging as well!

This week I have been playing with backgrounds on tags.

First was pan pastels (the embellishment is to hide a boo boo I made :o )

Second I played with fresco finish paints and crackle glaze plus the memory box poppy die which I love

And finally I had a go at "bumping" a stencil. First time I've tried this technique and my attempt isn't perfect but I get the idea now. I also stamped on some fabric as this is my new fave technique since Artsycrafts

Thanks for looking.

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July 08, 2012

Two Weeks in a Row

Hi everyone. Are we enjoying the wonderful British summer?! I think I'm getting webbed feet :o
I thought I would try to discipline myself to blog once a week so here I am for the second week in a row.
I have been playing with the shelf unit thingy that I showed you last week. After base coating it thoroughly I painted the bottom section and the drawers with Fresco Finish in claret, then a layer of crackle glaze and a top coat of vintage lace:

I left the drawer handles plain claret - love that colour for an accent shade!
Decided this was way too pink and clean looking so I set to work with various washes of Fresco Finish - pumpkin soup, claret, chocolate pudding, then dry brushing with French roast. Lots of tissue tape, stamping onto Paperartsy crackle - amazing stuff (did you play with it yet H?) and some die cut metal.

The little vases are fancy bottle tops painted and stamped with script.
Thanks for looking.

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July 01, 2012

Hello Peeps

And another six months have passed! I promise to try harder, honest.
So, what have I been doing? Settling in to my new job, which I am enjoying, and I also decided to rearrange my bedroom (which is also my craft room - in fact, it's more my craft room where I happen to sleep). Both of these things have caused a major mojo crisis as I haven't had much spare time and, when I have, I haven't been able to find anything :o
Anyway, 3 weeks ago I attended the whole three days of the fabulous Artsy Crafts weekend.
Day one was spent making a fabric book. All new techniques to me and so much fun. Here are some pics of my version:

This is the front page made using all kinds of Artsy Crafts painty, inky, stamping techniques plus . . . . . sewing! With a sewing machine! I was terrified, but I needn't have been as Lin and Leandra were on hand as always with lots of help, advice and tips to make it all so much fun.
Here are the inside pages - I still have one more to make!

The next day was more inky fun making a niche called The Sewing Room

And then the final day was spent making a fab grungy piece called Rusty Relic

I am so glad I went on this event because, as you have probably heard, it was the last ever one :(
I have attended 3 Artsy Crafts events altogether and every one has been amazing. Both Lin and Leandra are fantastically talented in their own right and together they produce stunning art and then have graciously shared that with others.
So, after spending such a fantastic 3 days my mojo couldn't help but be inspired so I have been playing again. A while ago I was given a delicious box of designer chocolates. The box itself had a clear acetate panel in the lid so I saved it to alter. Here's what I did with it

Not the best photo - taken with my iPad which has a pretty basic camera, but I had fun making it.
I went to the Craft Barn extravaganza yesterday and bought lots of new stash including this little beauty

Although the pic is tiny, he is quite a big thing in real life. At the moment he is sitting on my desk having just had a coat of gesso as I didn't want the bare wood soaking up all my paint. I have sorted through my paints and found lots of beige, white and light neutrals that have only small amounts left so I plan to mix these all together and apply as a base coat, then I will start layering on the colours I really want and will hopefully get good coverage with them. That's the plan anyway. I'll keep you posted as to how that works out. . . . . hopefully it won't take 6 months!

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