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February 27, 2011

Pay it Forward update

So, off I went to the post office yesterday with my neatly wrapped parcels (ok, not exactly "neatly" wrapped, but what I lack in wrapping skills I make up for with bubble wrap and packing tape!).  They are now all on their merry way to their new owners but...... being a bear of very little brain, I wrapped them without putting any notes in with them.  Just so you can all identify these mystry parcels I thought it best to show what I sent:

This is on it's way to Tammy . It's my first adventure in wax collage!

This one is on it's way to Anne/Liverpool Lou and was inspired by the paper blending article in the March issue of Craft Stamper, with a bit of influence from Gustav Klimt.

This little lady is making her way to Amy .

This paperartsy/artsy crafts inspired hanging is on it's way to Louise/Zuzu

And finally, this is on it's way to Carmen


Helen said...

Kay, what an array of gorgeous pay-it-forward gifts! They are all lovely and I am sure they will be received gratefully.

Linda Elbourne said...

Beautiful gifts ... they all rock!

Carmen said...

Oh my! They are all truly, truly gorgeous Kay! Wowza!

Doone said...

and yours from me is on it's way on Tuesday - can you (re) drop me your addie hun?

Zuzu's Blog said...

thank you SO much.
my gift arrived this afternoon. earth tones and gold are very "me" thank you.

I am almost ready to send mine out... I think I promised to do that by the end of march ... i wanted to send them all at once.

Carmen said...

Kay! Oh wow - mine arrived yesterday. It's stunning - how on earth did you do that tag? I really REALLY love it. Thank you so much :)

I am catching up on all stuff I am behind on and then will hopefully start making my stuff :)

Amy said...

THAT is where it came from :)
I was just marveling over my anonymous mail and the fact that the only clue were the sender's initials and that she was in London.
Donna is brilliant and identified your work.
Here it is.

I love it.

It was quite a mystery.

I love