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October 31, 2009

Meet George...

..which may be short for Georgina, I haven't quite decided yet.  I found this in Paperterie, the shop near where I work in Kingston that sells all things decopatch.  They sell all sorts of interesting things like this... lions, elephants, boxes, dishes, frames.  All blank and lovely and ready for altering.  Anyway, DD has a thing for giraffes.  Not quite as big a thing as for donkeys, but a thing all the same, so I thought I would pick this little one up and alter it for her.  They come in all sizes and this is one of the smaller ones.  They have one as tall as me (which isn't saying much, I suppose!)

I have some paper with a black background and bright pink lace images on it which I think I might use as a base for this, hence it may be Georgina.  We shall see.... watch this space.


Helen said...

Hi - I am so tired!! Will have to check out Paperterie - not seen it before, although haven't been to Kingston for ages even though it's close! Thanks for the tip.

Carmen said...

Ooh I can't wait to see George/Georgina completed. Have fun :D