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September 28, 2009

Normal service will resume shortly

....whatever that means (normal that is!).  I have decided to re-organise my collection of stamps.  When I say re-organise there's not really much "re" about it, to be honest.  More a case of actually organising them!  I bought quite a few at Ally Pally on Saturday (have been mounting the ones that needed it on to EZmount - filthy job!) and now need some clever way to store them.  Up to now my meagre collection has been stuffed into punched pockets in an A5 lever arch file but that was getting a bit messy.  

The Master Plan: I have a load of empty CD cases, some sticky labels and glossy card.  I intend to put the stamps by collection into the CD cases, label them appropriately along the side (I even have a key planned out... I'm scaring myself!) and put them into a CD rack.  I also intend to stamp the images first onto glossy card and label each card with the same key as the CD cases -this will be my filing key.  It all sounds very efficient, doesn't it? I obviously need to lie down in a dark room for a while!  The Tim Holtz collections are already on laminated punched card so I can file those in a ring binder.  If I get rich I might even buy one of the great T!m's binders, but for now a common one will do!

So, that's the plan.  It may take some time..... on the other hand, I might get bored with it and be back in action sooner than I think.

In the meantime, here is an LO I did some time ago which I think is quite fun.  It was for a poetry themed challenge.  


Helen said...

good luck with the organising. The layout looks great.

Linda Elbourne said...

Good Luck hun ... I will be rooting for you X

Carmen said...

I love the way you say Tim Holtz Collections. Plural. That scares me a bit on it's own! :D I got my first set of ihis stamps on saturday - very yummy! It all sounds really ordered and efficient, what a great use of a cd rack ;)

I love the poem... did you write it yourself? I'm a bit worried... I wear purple all the time, make a beeline for examples in the supermarket, love to make a racket on the railings... ooer!