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September 20, 2009


and *sniff-sniff*.  Just in case those hints weren't clear enough... I have a cold! Nasty one that makes me feel like my head is stuffed with cotton wool so I am very hard of thinking right now (more so than usual).  Anyway, I think I have got the comments sorted out now.  Thanks to Ruth and Helen for letting me know there was a problem!

Not got much done this week, being poorly sick and all, but I did get a second canvas finished off from the Wilko pack:

This one is in browns and rusty/terracotta colours to match my youngest DDs bedroom.  There are some BG Ambrosia papers in there, a few Cosmo Cricket die cuts, prima flowers and bling and another of my bargain butterflies.  I've also discovered a cute little shop in the centre of Kingston (where I work) which has Decopatch stuff in it.  Never heard of this before, but the papers are really useful, a tissue paper texture which is semi translucent for the first layer then gets deeper colour if you layer it up.  I used a brown and gold crackle effect for the edge of this canvas and it works really well.  I notice that a lot of stationery stores are starting to stock this stuff, and for alterers they have some great items to alter (I particularly love the giraffe).  I found this online store that has details of Decopatch for anyone who is interested.

I also made a find in a charity shop and bought these beauties for £1.25 each!

Aren't they fab?  The possibilities are endless.... which makes it difficult to decide what to do with them!!! Help!!
Well, that's all for now, apart from a big cheer for the away win yesterday.  Torres was on fire! Carragher and Skirtl not so much but hey, everyone is entitled to an off day now and again... as long as they don't make a habit of it.


Helen said...

Hope you feel better for Ally Pally - I'll look out for you amongst all the other thousands!! I'll be there with my sister in law and her daughter. Heading for LB Crafts first - Lin is hinting at give-aways for early birds.
Lets hope we dont misfire against Leeds on Tuesday.

Kay said...

I'll probably see you at LB then because I picked up that hint too! LOL
Fingers crossed for Tuesday.. I'm getting too old for this, my nerves are getting too fragile, lol.

Helen said...

We should wear badges with our blog names on!!