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September 27, 2009

I got an Archie!!

Headed off bright and early to Ally Pally to get there in time to catch me an Archie!  As soon as the doors opened we all poured in and I headed straight to the LB Crafts stand and got one!

Isn't he cool?!  I picked a green one, and at the checkout I met my follower, Helen, who picked a red one.  It was great to meet up with her and put a face to a person I feel I already know.  Leandra took our photo and we are posted on her blog proudly wearing our spoils. I watched the demos for a while but then it was time to get down to some serious shopping.
Next stop was Scrap Shed which was quite close to LB Crafts.  I bumped in to Carmen (whoopido) with her DD and we both remarked on how we normally couldn't get near the Scrap Shed stand.  Later on it was as packed as it normally is, but Karen's idea of having the tills at the back worked well in freeing up the stand a bit for browsing.... so I got the chance to go back and buy more than once, LOL.  Off next to Scrap Revolution for some more essentials and then it was just a general browse and picking up things that weren't necessarily on my list.  I did manage to fill all my wish list except for Copper TSS metal so I was happy. Here's a pic of part of my haul:

You can see some distress inks (there are lots more, got about 8 of those) and some of the flowers, bling lace, stamps etc.  This is just a selection, I got loads more (variety is the spice of life!) as well as some boring basics like EZmount, plain white glossy cardstock, tags, adhesives.  I also picked up a couple of sheets of Graphic45 papers and my main item of the day was a melt pot (so maybe I can finally wax my petit dolls!)

I met up with some of the UKScrappers as arranged by the Lee and I spent lunchtime with Lee, Ali (and her OH Geoff), Fiona and Juliette which was fun.  It was so nice to meet up with people I have been posting with for such a long time and to find they are just as nice (actually nicer) in person.
All in all it was a great day, especially the footie scores (come on you Mighty Reds!)  I still haven't actually seen the goals, but was watching Soccer Saturday in a pub with my bezzie mate as the goals were coming in. I've got Match of the Day on Sky+ and will savour Torres' hat trick along with Babel's brace and the goal from Gerrard as soon as I publish this post.


Rachel said...

ooh nice amount of stash there, have fun playin

Carmen said...

Your Archie was very cool. Devon was still commenting on it on the way home. I love those graphic 45 papers, so yummy! Yep you definitely resemble my remark, for sure! *g*

Helen said...

Wait till you see those goals, then - what a treat - especially Gerrard's!

voodoo vixen said...

Love your arch, its stunning and you look as though you had an exceedingly successful shopping spree!

Anne said...

Lovely stash - I bought a massive amount too! I definately call that a successful day (although not the football - I'm a chelsea fan!)

Sally said...

Love Archie!!