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September 30, 2009

The best laid plans...

and all that. Mine have hit a snag... well two really.  I got bored and I got distracted. LOL.

All the stamps are in their nice new CD cases (well almost all, I ran out of cases for the last 2 sets and by the time I got some more the boredom had set in).  I haven't done the labelling or the key yet either.

I have started on a 12 x 12 canvas for one of my DD's though.  I've got a few layers of background done and I'm embossing some metal ready to stick on once I have a bit more texture on the background.

Then there is another snag..... work :( Got to go travel to Southampton tomorrow for a conference on Friday so I have to leave all my toys behind *boo hoo*.  Better go and pack I suppose.....


Carmen said...

Ah nuts! No fair work getting in the way .

The canvas sounds interesting - can't wait to see that one :)

Helen said...

Enjoy your conference. No, lets not talk about the football. Chelsea up on Sunday - fingers crossed!