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September 13, 2009


I picked up a pack of 4 small blank canvases in Wilkinsons a couple of weeks ago.  Blank canvases seem to be available everywhere now, which is great for us crafters who can pick them up at low prices and play around without worrying about the cost! I've now got a stash of all sizes to play with.

This is what I have done with one of the small ones:

I had the title text from a jamboree pack of ephemera and I thought it was fun so I started from there and the rest just flowed from it.  The vintage photograph is from an ephemera sheet, the flowers are prima and there is an assortment of tissue papers and bits of lace doilies.  The butterfly I picked up from a little shop in Covent Garden where they were on sale.
BTW I still haven't waxed my Petit Dolls.  I started with the block of wax and the mini iron and wasn't happy with the results so I blotted it off with paper towels.  I'm thinking I will get a melt pot and try putting on the wax with a paint brush then ironing it to flatten it out if I need to.  I know a lot of people find the block and iron gives them more control, but I think I would feel more in control with a brush.  Guess I am just contrary!

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