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February 28, 2010

Page 8

I'm ba-ack! Had an exhausting week in Yeovil.  Builders were meant to be finished but were still in my way, carpet fitters were still fitting, curtain fitter wasn't fitting - eeek! lift stopped working for a whole day so I had to sell my soul to suppliers to get them to lug furniture up two flights of stairs (or three in some cases!) but we finally got it finished and I crawled home late on Friday night.  After a long soak in the bath, catching up on much needed sleep and getting several loads of washing done I finally managed to squeeze in a quick not-a-tag book page.  So, here is page 8
I cheated a bit as I had the background done already, and I just stamped the Lost Coast image on top of it, stuck a couple of felt leaves at the bottom and some beadazzles around the top and it was done.  I did stick some gems on the top of her sceptre and in her crown as well.  She is very sparkly so you can't see her that well.  I love this stamp as it reminds me of my youngest DD when she was little.  She was, and still is, the Princess of Everything LOL.
Off now to have a look see at what everyone has been up to while I've been away.... I notice Ms Linda E is still on cloud 9 from the Holtzmeister sighting! 


Helen said...

Good to have you back! Still deliberating on my winning stmaps, yes I was thrilled. Just got in from the Stevenage show - crowded 9boo), hot (boo0, (very wet outside - very boo), engineerng works (boo, grrrr), spent lots (yayy!!) and Liverpool are winning at halftime( yay yay yay)

Helen said...

Sorry, meant to say, love the not-a-tag piece, the leaves are lovely! (and sorry about keeping missing the brackets in post 1)

Carmen said...

That stamp looks just yum as does this page :D

Sounds like the week from Hell, bet that was the best bath ever when you got back!

Julia Dunnit said...

Grat idea to use a prepared background..specially if you're over tired! Hope the long hot bath and a weekend have helped!