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February 21, 2010

Bye for now!

Just a quick fly by posting as I frantically throw things in a suitcase!  I'm off in a couple of hours to Yeovil for the completion of the major project at work.  Won't be back until Friday night and won't have any internet access in the meantime :(
I shall miss t!m on QVC :( I shall miss this weeks WOYWW :( I shall miss the no doubt incoherent posting from Linda E when she gets back from meeting t!m :( 
On the plus side, I am going to visit Creative Moments while I am in Yeovil.  Not having a LSS is a pain, so it's always fun visiting somewhere there is one and having a rummage :)
I have packed my art journal, some watercolour pencils, Pitt pens, a glue stick, scissors and some bits of this and that so I can make some mess art if I get a chance in the evenings.
Catch up with you all next weekend (if I have any energy left!)


Carmen said...

See you soon Kay, don't worry. I think Linda will be flying high for a long time when she gets back :P

Helen said...

hope all goes well in Yeovil, I yearn for a LSS... have fun and share what you find when you get back! I shall miss Craft Day too, unless i can sneak a log on at work...

Crafty Chris said...

Dont know what your doing but have a good time doing it.
Christine x