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February 14, 2010

A Bit of Background

This week I have been poorly sick.  Started off on Monday with a bit of a throat lurgey thingy, but I had an urgent tender to get out (yes, another one! if one of them doesn't turn around after all the hard work I have put in I will scream!) so went in to work.  Tuesday I was feeling even worse, but the tender still had work to be done on it, so I struggled in again and got sent home at lunchtime. I just crawled in to my bed and stayed there until Wednesday morning when I struggled in to work again and so on.  Have spent most of the week just working and sleeping (with a bit of coughing and sniffing in between).  Today I finally felt almost human again, so I had a play splurging around some inks and sparkly spray and dragging and dipping tags into it.  
I had so much fun with those I decided to carry on with the same technique and make backgrounds for some of the stamp book pages I still have to complete.  I also used some brilliance inks sprayed with plain water as they have enough sparkle of their own.  You can't really see the depth of colour becuase the sparkle has picked up on the flash, but I just kept dipping and drying until I had the depth and layering I wanted.

I still had some ink left on my craft sheet so I dragged some of my art journal pages through it.  Not so much depth of colour on these, but  these pages already had some old text pages stuck in and gessoed, so there are layers there already.  
I used up the last of the sparkly spray (water and cosmic shimmer powder) to spritz over a couple of other prepared art journal pages just to give them a bit of sparkle.  Not much to show for a whole week is it?!!  Actually, I have finally got around to completing my week 3 of 52 in 10, but it is very personal.  I realised what was giving me so much trouble and why I was avoiding doing it, so I did it, but it isn't for sharing, not in public anyway.  I have shown it to my DDs, but they are the only people who will see it, for now anyway.  
Oh, I have finished (at least I think I have, for now) with my first ever proper page in my first ever proper art journal.  It is a Moleskine sketch book now no longer all beautiful and blank.  I have lots of prepared backgrounds and now, one complete double page... ta da



Helen said...

Hey, poor you - hope you feel completely better soon.
Love the backgrounds you've done and the tages are great. The journal page is fab too.

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh sounds like you could do with a week off! You've achievd more than me this week I have to say...the pages are great..your first finished spread is wonderful..you must be really pleased.

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous art...love your style...hope you are feeling better x

Carmen said...

I hope you start to feel better soon, that sounds awful :(

Love your tags and background pages and that finished one is stunning, love all the colours in it.

Sandra said...

I do hope you're better now xx

These are just fabulous, really love the colours