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December 13, 2009


George is now ready to make his debut as Georgina...

Here he... sorry SHE.... is, sporting the necklace she will be wearing on Christmas day when she is presented to DD.  The transformation from George to Georgina was a straightforward procedure.  Just gluing on some decopatch papers really!

Here is a profile shot:

and a glamour shot:

Now she is going into hiding at a secret location until her first official appearance on 25th.  Her people hope the press and public will respect her privacy and allow her this time to gather herself and prepare for her new life.


Helen said...

That is just so funny!! She looks great and I am sure she will be respected and loved in her new life ahead!!!!

Carmen said...

LOL! I think the pain and mental suffering she must have gone through in her decision to become Georgina was the right one. She is stunning and will, I'm sure, be very happy and loved in her new home :D

Claireliz said...

I'm sure Georgina has made the right decision. I wish her all the best for her new glamourous life.

helen said...

thanks for your post on my blog- yes, Worcester Park (which is of course only down the road from you) is sunny at the moment. Bruises are v.sore today, thanks though!!