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December 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Been rushing around like crazy, work has been absolutely mad busy and I haven't had a spare second!

I notice lots of people have been posting their Christmas trees looking all beautiful and sparkly.  We used to have a tree at Christmas all covered in lovely baubles and beads and stuff and then this happened.....

Mackenzie loves Christmas and she especially loved the tree...
Hiding in it

Climbing it
Fighting it

And just generally destroying it.

She would just go nuts the minute the tree appeared and the baubles and tinsel started being unpacked.  Any part of the tree or unprotected areas of skin of anyone trying to decorate it was fair game.  She would calm down for a while once it was up, but then there would usually be a huge crash in the middle of the night as she reached the top branches and overbalanced the whole thing.

We gave up in the end after the destruction of three trees and the breaking of countless ornaments.  So these days we don't have a tree, except a very small wire doohikey that vaguely resembles a tree (vague enough not to excite the looney cat!).

Mackenzie still likes Christmas, especially trying to fit her fat ole behind into tiny little boxes as they are unwrapped on Christmas morning!


Claireliz said...

Oh Dear, shame about the tree. My dogs tail knocks baubles flying everytime he goes near ours.

Julia Dunnit said...

Great story and great pictures Kay, how funny! I'm with you - I'd rather not have one than have to stress about ddefending it and worrying about it all the tiem - and I love the idea of a subterfuge wire one!

Linda Elbourne said...

Hilarious :0)
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year X

Carmen said...

Oh but she's beautiful. I would forgive her anything :P Currently earbashing Craig into letting me get a cat. We've gone from a flat out NO for months to this week... breakthrough... apparantly IF we got one it wouldn't be a white one or a ginger one! EEEK. Am holding breath! Tabbies are my favourite. Am such a cat person trapped in a house of muttley lovers!

Gorgeous pics Kay :) Happy Christmas.