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December 12, 2010

Tag 10

I know, what happened to the tags between?! Well, snow melted so I had no more excuses to stay home so had to go in to work :(.  Anyway, I have been printing off the destructions and saving them so I can play later.  However, I had to make a christmas card for a dog (don't ask!) and Tag 10 seemed to fit the bill, with a bit of adaptation (a black dog instead of a white snowman for a start) so here it is:

Didn't have anything t!m used this time, so I improvised.  The pine tree stamp is at least a t!m stamp!  So this is little black dog playing in the snow at Christmas - or maybe incased in ice, depending on your point of view. 
I've had fun playing along when I could.  Next year maybe I should take two weeks off work so I can play every day! Everyone has made some amazing creations and the different improvisations have been stunning and as inspiring as t!m's original creations. Same time, same place, next year :)


Helen said...

I have heard it all now! But I love your card, and the dog is cute. Can get on with normal life now the tags are done, though i have enjoyed them.

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Awww it looks lovely :D
My dog needn't get any ideas though LOL :D
Julie xx

Tracey said...

he he - what a cute variation on the tag Kay, good luck in getting the rest of them finished - thanks for sharing xxx