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July 21, 2010

WOYWW.... nuffink!

*cue tumbleweeds*
Told you I was reorganising.... I think it's gone a bit too far!!
Here then, is my nekkid desk.  It's an old gateleg table I got from a junk shop ages ago when the kids were little and I needed a dinner table that I could fold away when not in use.  Then I inherited my gran's regency french polished jobby, so this old wreck was relegated to my bedroom as my workdesk.
I'm having some deep thoughts about Ikea and Expedits but then... think of all the stash I could buy with that money... decisions, decisions.
Anyway, I am off this afternoon to the oncologist for my 6 monthly prodding and poking to make sure the cancer is still cured!  Hopefully next week I will have a neat and organised desk to show off (or the same old mess in a different configuration, lol)
For anyone passing through and wondering what this is all about, hop on over to  Julia's blog to join in and show us all what is on your workdesk this Wednesday.
Happy Wednesday everyone.
Edited to add: Thanks for all the good wishes.  All clear again at the hospital, back again in another 6 months.


Carmen said...

What the... am I on the right blog?? Blimey when was the lat time that table saw the light of day Kay? It's scary, you're scaring me! I no likee!

Stash over storage any day methinks ;) Good luck today. Will be thinking positive thoughts for you x x x x x

Helen said...

Good luck today, fingers will be crossed for you. Hope you get something inky back on that table soon , Kay!! I'd go for stash any day (every day!)

minnie_mac said...

Wow ! Space. Look forward to seeing what next week brings.


Andrea - Wales, UK said...

That's a great blank canvas for you to start messing up!!

Good luck for today.


Cath Wilson said...

Aaaaggghhhh!!!! Scary desk... hope all goes well at your check up.

Linda Elbourne said...

Do NOT SWAP THAT DESK ... it is soooo cool and full of character ... plus the fact there is room for at least two ... I can come play! I hope all goes well for you today Kay XXX

Yours Artfully said...

Fingers crossed for today Kay. Last week I said can't wait to see the desk next week and now I am going to say it again....I wondered what next weeks desk will loom like?????


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Kay, sorry I didn't know you'd had cancer, hope the results from the hospital visit are positive. Love the table. I know what you mean about getting storage, I'd rather spend the money on other stuff, but the expedit storage is good value I think. Keep the table though, no need to change that!
Anne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

First, I hope the news is still positive at the doctor. That looks like a very useful desk. I am nowhere near IKEA, so would opt for this old lovely in a heartbeat. Happy WOYWW.

Cath said...

Love your table I wouldnt swap that at all. Hope the news is good news.

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

love that table, so loved :) hope everything goes ok for you at the docs, you will be in my prayers, hugs m xx

Twiglet said...

Great news for you! So glad all is well. That empty table is now crying out for activity!!!!!

Cheryl said...

loveing the table I have one,just the same as that,nice and tidy too my type of crafter,hope all goes well and continues,to go well for you love cheryl xxxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh Kay - I thought you were moving! Glad to be here to see your updated message - great, great news gal. Will be fascinated as to your decision regarding storage purchasing!

Spyder said...

Keep the table. The oneI use (in the living room) is older than meand that's saying something, it's been banished a few time to the shed but somehow finds its way back in doors.
Have a good woyww

Sid said...

Dont get rid !! It's got character.

Doone said...


nakedness is for the continental types not us stiff upper lipped brits,

put ti away - i expect to see the thing clothed next week mississ,

glad you have had another clear check up

Anonymous said...

Glad you had the all clear Kay! Film was fab btw, me & Beth had a lovely girlie night! xx

Tracey said...

goodness, have you no shame....showing a totally and completely NAKED table lol. It looks as though it is full of character and sturdy, probably a lot better that the modern ones of today. Pleased to hear your news from the hospital.

Wipso said...

Sorry I'm rather late in calling in. It's been really manic here the last few days and I had to pop to see my elderly neighbour in hospital last night [only a 62 mile round trip :-)].
Really glad it's good new from the hospital. Long may it last for you.
A x

JoZart said...

eeeek! that's the naked-est desk I've ever seen on WOYWW. Amazing but I'm sure you'll soon fill it with all sorts of loveliness.
Positive thoughts and good luck with the check up.

chrissy xx said...

No Stop!! Do not buy a new desk. Spend you pennies on goodies.

FlipSyde said...

There is Nothing Ikea can offer that can ever compare to your freakin awesome table. I am kookoo over that table.
I am commenting late, so I see your update and am very glad that your news is positive.
Onward, I've never visited this blog before (I'm hideously bad at making the WOYWW rounds) and I am So Glad I arrived here, as I LOVE YOUR ART.
nuff said.

FlipSyde said...

postscript: after poking around a bit more at your work, I had to quickly click 'follow'.

Chrissie said...

What excellent news from the hospital.
I too am having Ikea thoughts... but can't decide.
Sorry about my tardy visit, but I've been slightly hors de combat since Wednesday.
Have a great weekend.