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April 11, 2010

Circling Around

I've been messing around with this all day.  I'm in a circle journal, or at least I will be, it hasn't started yet - first posting date is May 1st.  Anyway, I have chosen Fantasy as my theme, anything fantasy related, dragons, fairies, fairy tales, wishing to own your own tropical island - anything goes really (except whips, leather and bondage - it's not THAT kind of fantasy, thank you!).  My book is a 6 x 6 and this is my DLO for it.  I was inspired by Tracey Dutton of Lavinia Stamps, and read her article in the August 09 issue of Craft Stamper to get some tips, then I tried brayering a background.  I've tried it before, and it was no more successful this time *sigh*, so I ripped my 'hills' and used cut n dry foam instead (but don't tell anyone!).  This is actually my third attempt.  The first one was, to be fair, just a trial run to see how different greens worked for the hills.  The second one I just wasn't happy with, and then I buggered it up (technical term) altogether by smudging one of the stamps, so I started again and I am happier with this one.  I have used, of course, a Lavinia fairy plus the castle and some mushrooms which you may be able to just make out in the foliage at the bottom.  The runny babbit is, of course, from Sir t!m's Spring Sprung set ( a purchase from Ally Pally yesterday) as is most of the foliage at the bottom.  The birds and the tree branches down the side are Crafty Individuals.  The mouse (is it Hunka Munka? I'm a bit rusty on my Beatrix Potter) is from a set of die cuts I seem to have aquired from somewhere - think it might have been free with a magazine.

Ally Pally was great.  The weather was fantastic and was lovely to be able to sit outside to eat lunch looking over London.  Unfortunately I didn't manage to find Helen :( but I did bump into Carmen a few times which was great.  I also got to see Hels demoing on the Artistic Stamper stand and while I was there was lucky enough to meet Alison as well.  Of course, the divine Ms Linda was beavering away on the LB Crafts stand and I got to meet her too. It really is amazing to meet people from blogland in real life, you feel as if you already know them!  

Enough waffle from me, off now to try and make the rest of my book for the CJ before I run out of time!


Helen said...

Hi, Kay - yes, it was a shame we didn't catch up yesterday!!
Love the look of your fantasy journal, that wabbit is cute, though I haven't got the set myself yet!

Ruth said...

I love the fantasy theme!!

Oh you clever talented lady you can paint and draw and do everything!!

Hugs Ruth x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fab work Kay :) I know what youo mean about the brayering and last time I tried a 'Tracey Dutton' inspired thing I used the same method as you after seeing someone else do it! It always looks so easy when Tracey does it!
Anne xx

Sandra said...

wow..wow...wow ... now that is just WOW.

Carmen said...

This is so beautiful Kay, had to click for a closer look. So much to look at and marvel at - you are so talented!

It was really lovely seeing you at Ally Pally again :) You were one of the people I was really hoping I would definitly see :P

Angie said...

Love what you have done ...the hills and sky work so well

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo love! Kim