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April 25, 2010

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

The company I work for is moving offices next week so this week has involved packing loads of crates and sorting out files - which has been a nightmare while trying to carry on with day to day work as well.  Not had much time to do any crafting :(  One of the presents for my older DD's birthday was in a plain black gift box, which I thought was rather boring, so I jazzed it up a bit:
I gave it a coat of transparent Croco Paint (for Carmen, here is a link to the product page for it at The Craft Barn, basically it's a crackle medium which you can get in colours or tranparent. I like it better than any of the other crackle paints and mediums I have tried because I get a great effect with it).  Anyway, once that was dry I spritzed it with lots of different cosmic shimmer mists.  Can't remember all of them but I know I used Mallow Blush, Golden Fish and Peacock.  I took a chipboard shape and covered that with Blackberry Ferro which I then stamped with a text stamp.  I gave that a couple of spritzes with different shimmer mists as well, then rubbed some treasure wax over the top too.  It looks better than plain black, anyway!


Helen said...

Aah, I've missed you this week! I hate office moves while you have to keep working!! (done at least 3)
LOVE this box, it looks just amazing. I have got to get some transparent croco, I only found out recently it was available. Wonder if I can wait till I go to the Craft Barn in June (extravaganza) to get some... no, Worthing is in 2 weeks, that'll do, must be some there!!

Carmen said...

Thanks Kay - looking at the effect I should have 'got' it by the name really :D It is a gorgeous box! I really love all the different colours you can see in it.