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January 24, 2010

Very Busy Week

This week has been rather hectic with the result that I have been left with very little time (or energy).  I had an emergency site meeting in Yeovil, my six-monthly oncology follow-up (all clear thankfully, still waiting for the mammogram results though), had to pull a 12 hour day to catch up on urgent stuff at work.... phew!

All I have managed to do creatively is start preparing some backgrounds for an online art journaling course I am taking.  I had been playing around with the idea for a while, and enjoyed the Soul Journaling stuff, so decided to just go for it.  I signed up for Visual Journalism 101 with Pam Carricker details here.  So far I have only managed to watch the video and read the download for week 1 and start my backgrounds.  I have managed to slap a layer of paint on, then leave it to dry, then do another layer the next day.  This first pic shows one with 3 layers of paint so far.

This one is a bit further along with some "imperfect" stamping (a very good technique for me as I find perfect stamping a bit of a challenge!) and some textures added.  There is some clear gesso stamping you can't see which is going to be used as a resist once it dries thoroughly, then I get to add some "fly poo" ROFL.  I used a Paperartsy mini text stamp for this one, and I have done another one with the same colours but using a music stamp for variety.
I haven't completed my 52 in 10 prompt 3 this week.  The prompt was to think about what advice you would give your younger self.  I know what I want to say, but I'm not sure how to say it, so I'm procrastinating.  I've decided I am going to move on to prompt 4 which is up today and come back to prompt 3.  I am preparing one of these background for it though once I am ready to journal my thoughts.
I'm also waiting to see what Document 2010 is all about.  The first prompt goes live tomorrow, when I will be on route to Birmingham for a two day visit to a furniture trade show, so I won't get to find out properly until Tuesday night!  Looks like another busy week ahead :(


Carmen said...

You do sound busy, busy, busy. Good news on your follow up results.

Your pages look scrummy - am looking forward to seeing the next stages - you did make me laugh with your fly poo!

Julia Dunnit said...

Well the follow-up was a good 'un! Thse pages are already looking marvellous. Do you sleep, ever?

Susie Sugar said...

Great little tutoirial and I love theos papers thanks for sharing
Hugs Susie xx