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January 31, 2010

52 in 10 Week 4

I know, I know, it's week 5 already, but I only finished week 4 last night.  The prompt was what songs of pieces of music move you and why.  I started to collage album covers and images from my favorite artists and ran out of space, even over two A4 pages! LOL
 I added in a few scraps of sheet music to the collaged images and used my new Stampotique music tag stamp as a base for the CDs.  I journaled onto a couple of old software CDs and stuck those on to the page then used my Dymo to add the names of some more artists that I like.  I journaled a few of the most profound pieces of music, but there are so many more!  Like the journaling says: I don't have a theme tune, I have a sound track.... one that spreads over several boxed sets!  I keep thinking of more tracks and more artists and punching out their names on the Dymo, so this may not be entirely finished for some time!


Helen said...

Kay, it's looking great. I can see why it took a long time. Loving some of the music you like, too!

Carmen said...

I love where you wrote - I don't have a theme I have a soundtrack. I think many of us can understand that and you put it in exactly the right words. Loving this page and can totally see how it would be ongoing. Gorgeous Kay.