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November 07, 2010

Where have I been?

I've no idea! Turning the clocks back seems to have stolen my life, I have no clue what has happened to the past week.  Anyway, last post I promised to report back "on Sunday" on the 2 Scrap Ladies card marathon.  I didn't say which Sunday though, did I?!  So here I am, a week late. 

I had a really good time, met Julia in person which was fab, and Lunch Lady Jan's cakes and lunch were superb.  Made a total of 17 cards which you can see here and genenerally had a creative, chatty, great time with lots of lovely people.  I also feel a lot more confident about making cards now.

Apart from wondering what time it is this week (always seems to be at least one clock in the house that doesn't get altered every time and sits there waiting to confuse everyone!) I have been continuing with the Art Heart Healing course (button over on the right) which is free and absolutely fantastic.  Tam is really not skimping on the content on this course even though it is free, and I recommend it to everyone. Seriously, try it! 

Week 2 was to image transfer a photo of myself as a young child.  Yep, that is and yes, they did have cameras way back then!  Then we wrote some good wishes for ourselves and collaged these on to the page.  This was done in an altered board book rather than in our art journals like the first week.

Week 3 was in the same board book on the next page to make Whimsey characters and collage them into a scene.  Not too happy with this.  I think kitty may be covered up with something else, and I may play around with it some more, but it's done for now.

So, I am up to date for the next lesson which goes up tomorrow.  Not going to have much time to do it though because I am off to another conference with work, this time in Bournemouth, from Tuesday to Thursday. Yuck!  Still, after that things might settle down a bit, and I might even get around to taking some leave, YAY!

Have a good week everyone.


Helen said...

What a great pile of cards, they look fab!. No, promise I've not taken up boxing in my spare time (what spare time?!) Just watching Liverpool v Chelsea - Torres looks back to his best, 2 first half goals YAHOOOOOO.

Doone said...

oh fab work - love your transfer page - beautiful,


Carmen said...

Oh look at you :D Love your transfer page it's gorgeous. I'm just finishing week one tonight. Just trying to decide what my phrase and word is.

Anonymous said...

Lovely christmas cards Kay! Sounds like you had a fun time creating them. You book pages are wonderful, hope you get time to create after your trip! xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Glad you had a lovely day when you met Julia for a day of creativity and food ;-)
Love the pages you've done
Anne xx