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November 15, 2010

Art Heart Healing week 3

on week 4!  ok, ok, so I'm behind with my willowing but I was away all last week and didn't even get to watch the videos until Friday!  Here is my front cover.  Messing with the photo was fun, a sort of guilty pleasure actually scratching and painting on a photograph!.  Yes, it is me, but about 10 years ago!  I've written on the tag on both sides.

It kind of sums up what being me is all about, falling over a lot LOL.

So, I still have to do my celebration spread, and make my empathy monster.... I might manage to get the spread done through the week, but I think the sewing machine monster will have to wait until next weekend!  I am really getting a lot from this course in terms of healing, which I didn't think I would, and in terms of technique.  Tam really is an amazing person and her generosity in doing all this work for free is astounding.  I'm loving every minute of it and will be signing up for the Mythical Creatures course as soon as registration opens.


Julia Dunnit said...

Hope you had a good week away! I like your page - almost as much as I love themetalled tag you gave me a cuple weeks ago, wanted to say thanks again!

Doone said...

gorgeous colours, lovely quote, fab photo - wonderful cover!

have posted the atc today ( at last) between trips, having a cup of tea then plowing on...

Carmen said...

It's fabulous and I LOVE that quote. You're not so behind as me. Am not done week 2 yet but making myself catch up with everything else first :) I just want to plow on with it!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love the front cover Kay, love the colour too. Great effect, scratching on the photo :-)
Anne xx