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August 30, 2009

Petit Dolls

I've been taking a the August Petit Dolls workshop with Suzi Blu here at her academy.  I first heard about it from reading this post by Leandra Franiche over at Paper Artsy.
Now I'm nowhere near as good as Leandra (not many people are!) but I have been having fun with this class and been suprised at how well my dolls have turned out.


First we had to learn how to draw a pretty face, then how to shade it with waxy prismacolor pencils, then draw a body, then cut it all out.  


After that it was making lovely, grungy, multiple layers of background with collage, paint, stamps, stencils...... a great adventure.  We then stuck the dolls onto the background and integrated them with more layers of paint etc.  I made two dolls because I was having so much fun! 
The next step is to melt wax onto them... this is the scarey part because after that I can't alter them (other than to add embellishments)!  I have my wax, I have my encaustic iron thingybob and I have a bank holiday weekend to do it!

Well, off I go to heat up by mini-iron and melt my wax!

1 comment:

Carmen said...

They are beautiful, are the petite dolls classes still going? I wanted to take one but never got round to it.