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August 30, 2009

Entering the blogosphere

I've finally been tempted into the blogosphere!  
There are a couple of reasons. 
Firstly, I've had a series of computer changes the last two due to laptops dying on me, so I have lost loads of images of craft projects.  Some of these aren't such a disaster, I can just take more pics, but a few of them were made as gifts and given away and I have no record of them.  Why do I need images? Vanity I suppose.  I have been quite proud of some of my efforts and it would be nice to be able to look back at them.
That brings me on to the second reason.  Vanity I guess!! LOL  I've been crafting for a long time, but I've always been following someone else's pattern, borrowing other people's creativity if you like.  I love needlecraft (cross stitch, needlepoint, hardanger, drawn thread work) but I always follow a pattern or design by someone else.  The same with beadwork and beadweaving.  Since starting scrapbooking just over a year ago I have begun to explore my own creativity and I am quite pleased with the results.  I was never "good at art", but I have always enjoyed playing with colour and texture, and now I have a creative outlet for that enjoyment.  So I decided a blog would be a good way to put my stuff "out there" and hope someone else might like it too.

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