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September 30, 2012

More Mixed Media

So while waiting for the texture paste to dry on the gift box I started fiddling around with a canvas board I found ( yes, I literally found it in a carrier bag of stash I forgot I had!). I had an idea for something in shades of brown and cream with lots of layers but then it sort of went in a totally different direction (except for the layers, I did end up with those)

Well, there is some brown in there, but I spied the jar of Aged Teal frantage embossing powder I picked up at Ally Pally and decided I had to use that somehow so I veered off into green and blue territory. I discovered to my horror that I do not possess any Toad Hall fresco finish! How did that happen?! So I mixed French Roast into Hey Pesto and got something close.

I love how the Frantage looks around the edge. Must get more of that!

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Carmen said...

Oh I love the colours that you went with in the end. That slash of green across the bottom (is that a feather?) is glorious!

I haven't played with fresco paints yet but I'm just loving the names of them all :D

Virginia said...

Oh that's lovely - loving the colour scheme