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April 10, 2011

Kaisercraft Paperartsy style

DDs got me the Kaisercraft desk organiser for mother's day last week, so I've been putting it together today using my PaperArtsy Thorndon Hall papers
The sheet music isn't Thorndon Hall, it's something random from my stash, and the piece just above the three drawers isn't covered in paper.  That has a coat of the new Fresco Finish in London Midnight, then a thin layer of the crackle glaze followed by a coat of Vintage Lace. It's magic! It's so simple, no worrying about how long to leave between coats or anything, just let the crackle dry (or dry it with a heat gun) then put on the top coat and the crackles appear.  Here's a close up, the crackles really are amazing
 I stamped a  bird from each of the three new PaperArtsy stamp plates I bought yesterday straight on top with  black archival.  It takes the image like a dream. 
Now I just have to get organised enough to put stuff in the organiser!


Julia Dunnit said...

OOh Kay this is marvellous - how lovely it will be sitting on your desk -but...don't fill the bottom drawer with much needed stuff - you'll get sick of moving things out of the way to open the draw. See I'm very experienced at 'stuff' moving! I LovE each image you've used..and tha tyou went to AP and came back and used some stuff...takes me ages to actually break through the new barrier!!

Zoechaos said...

Wonderful work fabulous storage beautifully decorated and what a wonderful advert you are for Fresco Finish! XOXO Zoe

Linda Elbourne said...

Just popped in to say it was lovely to see you at the weekend ... only to discover that you have not only unpacked some purchases ... you have used them too ... I am very impressd! And the organiser looks amazing ... you have inspired a very tired me this morning ... so Thank you ... I am off to unpack and create :0)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Kay, lovely organiser and lovely work :-) I'm impressed also that you're already using your new stash!
Anne xx

Carmen said...

Ooh this is lovely, that crackling is really gorgeous.

Helen said...

I love the cracking too, it IS magic. Wish I'd got another of the darker colours now for the bottom layer, now! I hope that by now, your organiser is just that!

Doone said...

Adore the art stashaway desk feature, beautifully altered,

and also laughignmy backside off re. your comment,