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September 05, 2010

Unfinished Symphony

My mojo has been away on holiday for a couple of weeks :( 
This morning I was browsing around loooking for inspiration and over on Hels Blog the Sunday Stamper's challenge this week is "everything".
Well, I am the proud owner of a whole two (count them, an entire two, not just one, but two) sets of Studio 490 stamps. 
Now I could have bought one of the actual acrylic binder thingies to keep them in, but I thought I would save my pennies to hopefully increase my collection.  Instead, I decided to go for my fave material for such things... an empty cereal packet, lol. I cut the card to the same shape as the stamp backing and gave it a coat of gesso.  Once the gesso was dry I set to giving the whole thing a grungy, art journaly sort of background with some spray inks, sequin waste, acrylic paint and stampd the background from Art-fully Said.  The background still needed something, so I used some of t!m's stamps along the bottom.  I then turned to my other set  - Make Mine Mini Art, and stamped some of the flowers and the butterfly onto grungeboard and DIed them, then stamped some of the sentiments from Art-fully Said.  The rather large empty space at the top will be filled with more Wendy Vecchi art when I get my mucky paws on more of her stamp sets.
So this now hangs on my rail above my desk with my whole two Studio 490 sets inside. 
Ok, so it's not quite finished, and won't be until I get more Studio 490 stamps, but in the meantime it is my entry for the Sunday Stamper's Challenge as it uses everything Wendy Vecchi that I own.


Helen said...

Blogger's not letting me comment. You'll probably end up with 3 if it suddenly works... Love this idea, and for hanging your stamps!

Hels Sheridan said...

What a FAB idea Kay, thanks for joinin in with the Sunday Stamper... now you have saved your pennies you can buy some more Wendy stamps... they are the BEST aren't they? Loving your fabby art :O)) x

Sue West said...

I love this. What a fantastic idea. It's so Studio 490. I can't wait 'till we finish the cornflakes, and then I'm making one of those!

Carmen said...

Might have to nick this idea for my whole 2 sets of Tim stamps, love yours. Very yumsome!

craftytrog said...

Brilliant idea Kay! Your cover looks gorgeous & arty! x